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A New Blog ye sayyyy? – WAKEEN PHOENIX??

February 24, 2009
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Time to blog. Lots to share and discuss. I’ll jump in at the deep end and work this bitch from behind.

My name is Paul Kemp, and my blog is going to be about everything ENTERTAINMENT. Honestly, everything. You could come here one day and see a post about Mickey “Clayface” Rourke’s deed dug, and next day you get BAMM! Spice Girls reunion. Unexpected i know, but somebody has to inform the world!!! I am that knight in shining armour. Get ready ladies and gents, some say I have more than one adrenal gland, resulting in too much man for one man to handle….some say that my eyes are physically unable to lpoint in the direction of another mans package, built-in anti-homosexual abilities….some, even, say that I was child to a mighty male elephant, and Angelina Jolie, but I’ve seen that Porno, and that is a fucking awesome flick..another story for another time, lookout on YouPorn friends.

Enough ramble-bamble.

First up, WAKEEN Phoenix, whats going here? My money is on HOAX. autograph11Look at this hero of men. Fair play, in this film (Gladiator) he’s a sleazy sister raping monster, but I always say never judge a book by its cover. And don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. Plus, his sister was fit. Sadly my sister is a gargoyle, otherwise I’d try it, then I would either a) knock it or b) not knock it. Get the picture? Anyway, this hero, strong manly attributes, dark eyes, bushy broos, mongo-scar upper lips, strong jaw….has sadly decided to becomeĀ  a hip-hop artist, while Casey Affleck makes a “documentary” of the transformation process. Well, I call BS! I call hoax first! Yes, I said first, the date of this blog is wrong btw, today is actually 8th July 1999. So no disputing IAMFRST.

Poor old WAKEEN.article-1103449-02eaa1c5000005dc-508_224x544 Looks like Santa’s evil brother who got swiftly launched out the back door as a child, and grew up with Taliban wolves. Actually, his new head looks a lot like Wilson the rugby ball. KABAM, Tom Hanks, see you later, WAKEEN’s new flick Chillin’ On A Pretty Bloody Nice Island, But Somehow Not Surviving Properly Because I Worked For FED-EX, And Cry About My Wife Who Thinks I’m Dead So I’ll Have Sex With A Rugby Ball. WAKEEN plays the hairy dude….AND WILSON!!!! Just bury him up to the neck in the sand!

NOTE: Bottom of the picture……rex features??? Someone please explain. If this guy Seth has similar features to a T-Rex, then I am hunting this motherlicker down. WANTED: MAN WITH TINY ARMS, LARGE NOSE, POSSIBLE TAIL & SCALES…..EST. HEIGHT: 12 FOOT, BEWARE, HE IS A FUCKING DINOSAUR.



Update: Picture of Seth “T-Rex” Browarnik below. Yes, I retract the comment about him have small arms, he’s adapted well to the high cupboards in his dino-office.



Hello world!

February 24, 2009
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